Amy S. Eckert

Traveler, Writer, Photographer

Photo by Amy S. Eckert

I have worked as a travel journalist for more than 20 years. But I’ve been exploring the world my entire life, visiting places and returning home to share my stories through magazine articles, books, and conversations over a glass of wine.

Everyone always asks me to name my favorite travel destination. I can’t, because I have never, ever visited a place that didn’t hold fascinating stories for those willing to look. But I will always be drawn to Michigan, where I’ve lived and worked my entire life, and to Germany, where I was smitten with the travel bug as a teenager. I hope I never recover.  More about Amy...

Amy’s Newest Books

Perfect Day Michigan: Day Trips, Weekend Getaways, and Other Escapes

Amy S. Eckert has lived in Michigan all her life and has written about its attractions for more than 20 years. In Perfect Day Michigan, she shares the highlights of destinations across the state in order to answer the question: how to make the most of 24 hours in the Great Lakes State?

100 Things to Do in Detroit Before You Die, 3rd Edition

There's more to love about Detroit than merely its history. And there's never been a better time to explore, as The D buzzes with a spirit of renewal. 100 Things to Do in Detroit Before You Die paves the way to a rediscovery of this great Midwestern city.

Easy Detroit Outdoors

Easy Detroit Outdoors promises a new perspective on the Motor City that includes urban gardens repurposed from once abandoned city lots and a sandy beach and ice skating rink in the heart of downtown. Like its predecessor, 100 Things to Do in Detroit Before You Die, this book will help you create—and complete—your very own Detroit-themed bucket list, this time in the great outdoors.

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Singapore Gardens